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Sanitary Sewer

Sewer lines running slow? Seeing build up in manholes? Roots or debris from dirty lines can cause serious problems.

Lift Stations

"Flushable wipes" the latest craze for homeowners. These wipes plug your trash baskets and lead to overworked pumps.

Hydro Excavation

Can't find what you're looking for in a highly populated utility area? This is the safest way to locate.

Storm Sewer

Heavy rains, sanded roads and infiltration wreak havoc on unmaintained lines.


When grit buildup starts hurting your performance, let us take care of you. 

Maintenance Programs

Rehab Systems offers several options to help communities budget their cleaning needs. Just because your sewer system may be lined doesn't eliminate all of your issues. Low spots and bends still catch debris in your lines.

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